According to three (3) Justices of the Appeal Court of Alberta, in order for my three criminal convictions to get overturned, all I have to prove to them is..

1. That I had the “ Lawful Authority ” to file my complaints with the (PSS) the Professional Standards Section of the (CPS) the Calgary Police Service. and

2. That I then had “ Lawful Authority ” to avail myself of the Appeal process to the Calgary Police Commission (the CPC). And then to the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta (the LERB).

IN A NUTSHELL: That I told the truth & they lied to bury the truth.

THE TRUTH: Right now I have eleven published websites, and those websites clearly spell out the who, where, why, what, when and how the crooked Cops and their cohorts abuse and control the Justice system, for their own benefits.

THE TRUTH: The websites show quite clearly who is lying and who is telling the truth. I have the documents to prove they’re lying, and they know that.

THE TRUTH: None of the individuals/organizations named and shamed on my websites, have provided any evidence to disprove what I’ve published. I’ve also yet to receive any cease or desist letters, or any Applications to have my sites taken down.

THE DOWNSIDE FOR THEM: To file an Application to the Courts would require them to file Affidavits in Support. Meaning they’d have to swear under oath, that the contents of their Affidavits are true. Meaning that they would then be, opening themselves up to be cross-examined on their Affidavits. So them, filing Affidavits with the Courts, not such a great idea.