Greg McLean my member of Parliament has 140 PDF‘s containing evidence that the RCMP at the direction of the Calgary Police Service targeted me in a vicious, malicious, sustained, unlawful premeditated campaign, that resulted in their desired effect, of having me wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

ASTOUNDING UPDATE: After promising that he’ll do everything under his power and purview to assist me, Greg McLean my member of Parliament for Calgary Center, is now outright refusing to forward investigative file 1321646 to Dominic LeBlanc the Canadian Federal Minister for Public Safety. Knowing that the contents of that file (documents and materials) are very damaging to the Law Enforcement Agencies that are outed on my websites. Greg McLean now wants to play Blind Deaf & Dumb to what he has full knowledge of.

IRONIC: It is ironic that Greg McLean Member of Parliament, on the one hand finds my evidence (materials and documents) compelling, whilst on his other hand he’s now refusing to forward that evidence, unless served with a court Order compelling him to do so.

IRONIC: It is also ironic that by refusing not to forward that evidence to the appropriate authority, Greg McLean member of Parliament, could himself be guilty of offences punishable under the Criminal Code or other statutes.

26 JULY 2023: A very productive meeting with Greg McLean M.P. Greg is my member of Parliament for Calgary Center. Greg has promised me that he will work on my behalf at the Federal levels, doing everything under his power & purview, to right the wrongs and get justice for me.

Hopefully, there will now be No More Victims suffering at the hands of past and present crooked and corrupt cops. There’s still, far too many of them, who are currently operating, freely and without fear, within the Calgary Police Service, the RCMP and other Law Enforcement Agencies.

Copies of the close to one hundred and forty (140) PDF’S in the possession of Greg McLean is also in the possession of Mike Ellis Deputy Premier of Alberta, Public Safety Minister and ex Calgary Cop.

22 JULY 2023: Another Thirty Three (33) damning pdf’s sent to Greg McLean and Mike Ellis, to go with the over One Hundred (100) pdf’s they already have.

JULY 2023: Greg McLean my member of Parliament and Mike Ellis Deputy Premier of Alberta and the Public Safety Minister, recently received a pdf containing a 161 page document filed at the Calgary court. That document detailed how 23 criminal charges they had laid (so far) against me were bogus.

Shortly after I filed that document, it was then illegally removed from the court house, by Alberta Special Crown Prosecutor Karen Hewitt, now a sitting Judge on the Provincial Court.

JULY 2023: Deputy Premier of Alberta, Public Safety Minister, and ex Calgary Cop Mike Ellis, has not made one step toward contacting me. Ellis is playing Blind Deaf and Dumb to the facts. He is sitting on the train tracks with his eyes shut and his hands over his ears, hoping the train goes away.

THIS IS THE TRUTH: That train is going nowhere. Ellis knows full well, that what I’ve published is true, that the 140 pdf’s he has in his possession, proves that I’m telling the truth. Ellis knows what they did and what they continue to do, is criminal. Leaving them all subject to being criminally charged under the following very very serious offences, Perjury, Obstruction of Justice, Collusion, Fabricating Evidence, Conspiracy and much more under the Criminal Code of Canada. Notwithstanding charges under the Police Act.


Patrick Cousineau Chief of Staff for Member of Parliament Greg McLean Calgary Center, stated that, it’s going to be extremely hard to get Justice, especially when the organizations and individuals who are in charge of investigating crimes & serious wrongdoings are the same ones who are actively covering them up.

What is happening now and what will happen in the next few months, should be the beginning of the end for them. Irrefutable and extensive proof of their very Serious Vicious Vindictive and Malicious Criminal Misconduct, is now in the possession of Greg McLean Member of Parliament for Calgary Center and Mike Ellis Deputy Premier and Minister for Public Safety for Alberta.

Greg McLean has contacted Marco Mendicino the Federal Minister Public Safety – and is awaiting responses back (Case File 1321646).

Greg also contacted Mike Ellis, the Deputy Premier of Alberta and Minister of Public Safety, their response ” they will not work on this file as it is a Federal Issue “. That response was not unexpected, as Mike Ellis is an ex Calgary Cop.

Deputy Premier and Minister Mike Ellis you’re no longer in the Calgary Police Service. You now work for the citizens of Calgary and for all Albertans. Your loyalty is to them, and not to crooked corrupt Calgary cops and their cohorts.

MARCH 2023 Another very enlightening and productive conversation with Patrick Cousineau, who is the Chief of Staff for my Member of Parliament, Calgary Centres Greg McClean. Last November I requested their assistance in my ongoing fight to get Justice regarding the very serious criminal matters and wrongdoings well detailed on my websites and the irrefutable corroborating evidence available to them.

Patrick outlined what they (him and Greg) could do on my behalf. Greg would write to the Minister of Public Safety, and the head of Corrections Canada (and others) and would make requests for them to act. We talked about… “BOXES” and that was the most enlightening part of our conversation.