MIS-DIS-INFORMATION: Nobody trashes your name better than someone who’s afraid people will believe you. The Calgary Police and their cohorts are doing all the trashing they can, to suppress the truth from coming out. There is no Law and Order without Truth. So what do you do when those responsible for Law and Order are the ones not telling the Truth. Right now, rotten Calgary cops and their corrupt cohorts are continuing to manipulate complaints, investigations, manufacture police reports and much more.

TRUTH IS THE ABSOLUTE DEFENCE AGAINST DEFAMATION: If you asked any Justice or Judge is truth the absolute defence against a Defamation action, they would all say yes. Both sides of a contradiction cannot be true. One side has to be mistaken, misled or just outright lying. It’s so easy to find out which side that is. As a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose. And the life of a lie, is just a question of time.

Right now, there are criminal elements operating within the organizations and Law Enforcement agencies named on my websites. Every one of these criminal elements have no problems in willfully trashing the truth, in manipulating the Courts, in fabricating evidence, in committing perjury or willfully stitching up innocent people and more. Just as long as they get the result they want.

SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE: What’s already been published on my unchallenged websites is enough to get successful prosecutions. And prosecutions would’ve already happened, were these individuals not police officers, their cohorts, or individuals being protected by police officers and their cohorts.