PROOF I WAS INNOCENT: I was questioning a senior Detective in a Law Enforcement Review Board Hearing (LERB). The senior Detective was under oath. I asked the Detective where he’d got the information he’d placed, in what I’d alleged was his manufactured and fabricated investigation documents.

The senior Detective stated, that he had received the information from his confidential informant. That statement made under oath, about him having a confidential informant, stopped any more questions being asked. Within one day, the Chair of that hearing, “John Phillips,” illegally shut the hearing down.

The Calgary Police would later own up that the senior Detective had never had a confidential informant. Admitting he had outright lied under oath. But even then, instead of doing what was right, the LERB and the Chair, continued to do what was wrong, what was corrupt, what was crooked, what was criminal.

Not content with shutting down the hearing, the Chair “John Phillips” in a later costs hearing, awarded costs against me of Five Thousand Dollars. Even though by that time, the LERB and the Chair had received irrefutable proof that the senior Detective had lied under oath.

Much later the Calgary Police would file a document (Satisfaction Piece) with the courts in Calgary. That document retracted their rights forever, to go after me for the Five Thousand Dollars costs awarded against me from that hearing. Only doing so, when it was pointed out that going after me for the $5,000.00 in costs, would amount to obtaining monies by deception. A criminal offence.

More validation that what I’d published then and still publish today, is the truth. That the Calgary Police have no trouble manufacturing and fabricating investigation files. And that officers (regardless of their rank) when placed under oath and in jeopardy, will not only perjure themselves without a seconds thought. But will commit crooked, corrupt and criminal acts with impunity.

DOING SO: Knowing they have the Old Boys Network to back them up.