AUTHOR JOHN “NED” KELLY – JUNE 2024: I am a current and ongoing Victim of Corrupt Crooked Calgary Cops & Their Cohorts. Please please read this & my other websites (links below). YOU COULD BE NEXT.


BREAKING: On the 11th June 2024 the Calgary Police got the result they wanted at the Court of Kings Bench in Calgary against their latest victim, Angela Whitney. Doing so by once again going to their go-to law firm Bennett Jones. This time they managed to mislead and con the Honourable Madam Justice Glenda Campbell and several other Justices. More to Follow.

JUNE 2024 – GAME CHANGERS: The truth is out there at the highest levels. If the proper corrective action is swiftly taken, there will be No More Victims suffering at the hands of past and present crooked and corrupt cops and their cohorts. Far too many of them are still currently operating, freely and without fear, within Calgary Police Service, the RCMP, many other Law Enforcement Agencies and associated Cohorts.

These are the Units within Law Enforcement in Calgary, that are supposed to catch, expose, root and weed out, crooked and corrupt cops, not protect them.

1. the Professional Standards Sections (PSS). (corrupted)
2. the Chiefs Office of the Calgary Police Service (CPS). (corrupted)
3. the Calgary Police Commission (CPC). (corrupted)
4. the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta (LERB). (corrupted)
5. the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). (corrupted)

I’m (67) 37th year as a proud Calgarian. A Para-Legal Researcher Investigator and a proud Veteran of the British and Canadian Armed Forces. In the course of investigating crimes, I found out that Law Enforcement were far far worse than those I was investigating. The scale, scope & reach of their criminality was and still is, absolutely staggering.

Their reaction to continually being exposed and outed on my websites and publishing’s, was vicious, malicious, premeditated and sustained, with no remorse for the damages that were inflicted on myself and others. They laid over thirty four bogus (34) criminal charges, that resulted in three wrongful convictions, had me sentenced to three years, and incarcerated in Drumheller Federal prison, and at 57 placed in the prison gang unit, and much more.

The only way for the wrongs and the injustices to be righted, is for complete accountability to be brought right to their front doorsteps. They simply cannot be allowed to continue to police themselves. More to Follow

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