JOHN NED KELLY: A 65 year old Calgarian:

JULY 2022: Only Calgary cops would view someone AS THEIR ENEMY for informing them about corrupt and crooked Cops operating freely within their ranks. No organization can get this crooked and corrupt, without assistance from others. This fact alone screams the need for cops to no longer be able to police themselves.

Calgary Cops aren’t allowed to, knowingly;
Obstruct Justice.
File False Affidavits or Materials with the Courts.
Lie to the Court.
Commit Criminal Conspiracy.
Illegally gain search warrants.
Illegally gain Seizure Warrants.
Destroy Evidence.
File Bogus Charges.
File Bogus Reports.
Counsel individuals to Commit Crimes.
Manipulate Investigations.
Fabricate Documents.
Commit Perjury.
Betray their Oath.
Lie to the Media.


Some are afraid of going to jail, and rightly so. They know that the documents and materials in my possession, and what I publish, is enough to do that. If the police were not policing themselves (aided by others) then that’s exactly where some of them would be.

Others are afraid of you discovering that Cop Corruption is far deeper than just covering up substantial financial crimes committed within the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF).

All of them are afraid of you learning about the sheer, sheer criminal lengths, that Calgary Cops and their cohorts go to, in their (still ongoing) attempts to not be prosecuted for the crimes they & others have committed.


The Architects behind the crimes, and the Architects behind the corruption and cover ups, include senior cops, senior lawyers at City Hall, as well as the Crowns office and more. Individuals who took an oath. Individuals who were being paid (and still are) by the taxpayers to look out for them, not look out for themselves and their cohorts.

Also shocking to me, and should be shocking to you, was uncovering the size of the vast disinformation network they control. It gives them the ability to control outcomes of investigations against their members and others. They’ve used that ability to wrongfully convict and jail people, prevent corrupt cops and others being held to account. They have the ability to commit crimes with impunity, manipulate the justice system and more. Double Standards isn’t the half of it.

SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE: What has already been published on many of my eleven unchallenged websites is enough to get successful prosecutions. And prosecutions would’ve already happened, were these individuals not police officers, their cohorts, or individuals being protected by police officers and their cohorts.

MIS & DISINFORMATION: Nobody trashes your name better than someone who’s afraid people will believe you. The Calgary Police and their cohorts are doing all the trashing they can, to suppress the truth from coming out. The lies can easily be sorted, contact me directly or visit my published websites.

CONUNDRUM: There’s no Law and Order without Truth. So what do you do when those responsible for Law and Order are the ones not telling the Truth. Right now, rotten Calgary cops and their cohorts are continuing to manipulate complaints, investigations, manufacture police reports and much more.

VIEW rottencops.net AND drumhellerprison.ca – Links Below.

HYPOCRITES: They utilize words like Honor. Protect, Serve, Courage, Service, Respect, Community, Sacrifice, Vigilance and Pride. These words roll off their tongues whenever needed. When the sad truth is… they disrespect each and every one of those words, every single day, every single day.


GEORGE ORWELL: ” All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. ” Calgary has a tyrannical police force.

Even after what I’ve been through, I still believe the truth, always wins out – law & order – justice for all – crooked cops should be in jail and not on paid leave – The police should no longer be able to police themselves.