There’s cancer in the Justice System in Alberta, that needs cutting out.

Crooked Law Enforcement in Alberta, are not going to admit, to what they can’t deny. They are going to continue to deny, what they can’t admit:

I WAS A TARGETED PROSECUTION: I outed corrupt and crooked cops on my websites. Chief Rick Hanson was getting furious by the day. Hanson, knowing he can’t shut down the websites by civil means, engages the assistance of like minded crooks from other Law Enforcement agencies and goes via the criminal courts. And believe you me, you’ve never been stitched up, until you’ve been targeted and stitched up by Law Enforcement.

GREG MCLEAN my member of Parliament, has 140 PDF‘s containing evidence that the RCMP at the direction of the Calgary Police Service targeted me in a vicious, malicious, sustained, unlawful premeditated campaign, that resulted in their desired effect, of having me wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

ASTOUNDING UPDATE: After promising that he’ll do everything under his power and purview to assist me, Greg McLean my member of Parliament for Calgary Center, is now outright refusing to forward investigative file 1321646 to Dominic LeBlanc the Canadian Federal Minister for Public Safety. Greg is fully aware that the contents of that file (documents and materials) are very damaging to the Law Enforcement Agencies that are outed on my websites. Greg McLean now wants to play Blind Deaf & Dumb to those 140 PDF’s and what he has full knowledge of.

IRONIC: It is ironic that Greg McLean Member of Parliament, on the one hand finds my evidence (materials and documents) compelling, whilst on his other hand he’s now refusing to forward that evidence, unless served with a court Order compelling him to do so.

IRONIC: It is also ironic that by refusing not to forward that evidence to the appropriate authority, Greg McLean member of Parliament, could himself be guilty of offences punishable under the Criminal Code or other statutes.

SEPTEMBER 2023: Once upon a time I placed my trust in the Calgary Police Service (CPS). I believed them when they promised that they would do the job they were paid to do. I believed them when they promised they’d do what was right. I believed them when they promised to do what they swore an oath to do. I also believed them when they promised to uphold the law.

They promised a lot of things THEN THEY LIED. They not only betrayed their oath. Their promises were nothing more than worthless empty words. Instead of doing right, they did what was criminally wrong. Instead of upholding the law they repeatedly broke it. THEN THEY LIED SOME MORE.

Obstructing Justice.
Filing False Affidavits or False Materials with the Courts.
Lying under oath before the Court.
Committing Criminal Conspiracy.
Illegally gaining search warrants.
Illegally gaining Seizure Warrants.
Destroying Evidence.
Filing Bogus Charges.
Filing Bogus Reports.
Counselling individuals to Commit Crimes.
Manipulating Investigations.
Manufacturing Documents.
Fabricating Documents.
Committing Perjury.
Betraying their Oath.
Lying to the Media.
And much more… YET HERE WE ARE..

PAGE TITLED – COP CRIMES: Just some of the serious crimes that have been committed and are still being committed. The vast supporting evidence is not only irrefutable, it’s extremely damning, and shows them for what they truly are, just your every day common criminals.

All they have are lies and coverups, followed by more lies, leading to more coverups and more lies. A lie will not fit a fact. A lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose. The life of any lie is just a matter of time, and their time is all but up.

The Public Safety Minister for Alberta is an Ex Calgary cop. His name is Mike Ellis. He was also given the added position of Deputy Premier after the May 29th election. In his position as Public Safety Minister, Mike has been ghosting me for months. Another cover up you say, don’t bet against it… More to Come.

SGT BARTLEY of the RCMP, spearheaded the vicious, vindictive, malicious, premeditated sustained attacks, Which led to my Three wrongful convictions and wrongful imprisonment. Bartley was also the Team Commander, Primary Investigator and also the Affiant. As the Affiant, Bartley knowingly swore to manufactured and fabricated Affidavits that resulted in him obtaining illegal search and seizure warrants and other illegal orders from the courts.

EX CALGARY POLICE CHIEF RICK HANSON: Hanson was the person who pointed that spear and who also tasked Ssgt Doug Andrus and Sgt Rick Tuza both from the Calgary Police Service, to be Sgt Bartleys wing men. Alongside Hansons Lawyer Bob Fenton and Alberta Special Crown Prosecutors Karen Hewitt, Jennifer Rees, Julie Morgan, Brian Holtby and others.


NO STATUTE OF LIMITATIONS: RCMP Sgt Murray Bartley, CPS Ex Chief Rick Hanson, CPS Current Chief Mark Neufeld and others, should be very worried, there’s no statute of limitations on Criminal Code Offences.

TO DATE: The contents of my websites and the documents and materials that I have disseminated, remain Unchallenged Undisputed not Questioned. They have been Accepted as the Truth, as that’s what they contain, the Truth.

Ghosting & Coverups what CPS-RCMP do best – Decades of Experience: