Nobody trashes your name better than someone who’s afraid you’ll tell people the truth. The Calgary Police Service, their cohorts in the RCMP and others, are doing all the trashing they can. To suppress the truth from coming out.

And no one knows how to break the law, and suppress the truth, better than Corrupt Cops, and their Corrupt Lawyers in the Crown Prosecutors office.

There’s more than “enough evidence” to successfully prosecute.

Prosecutions would have already happened, were these individuals not being well protected by other Corrupt Cops, their cohorts and others.

My name is John Ned Kelly – I’m a 66 year old Calgarian – In my 30 plus years as a Para-Legal in this City, most of the extensive Fuckery that I’ve encountered has come from Corrupt Cops, Corrupt lawyers, politicians, wannabee politicians – The Calgary Soccer Federation and it’s associated partners – My websites profile that Fuckery & the Feckers that caused it.

I have the materials, documents and personal knowledge on everything that is posted on this and my other web-sites. In all of these matters one absolute truth stands out. The individuals and organizations that I’m outing, fear the truth. They want the truth to stay well hidden, because the truth is not their friend, it’s their enemy.

VIEW MY WEBSITES: Then ask yourself this How did they get this crooked and corrupt and still remain unchecked, if not without help from each other.

I’ve constantly and openly, challenged all those individuals and organizations that are profiled, to provide any evidence that contradicts what’s published on my sites. None have been able to do so.

By far the largest of these hypocrites are the Calgary Police Service. They promote words such as, Vigilance, Protect, Serve, Courage Service Honor Respect Pride, Community, Sacrifice. and Integrity. These words roll off their tongues as they shame each and everyone of those traits every single day.

These Corrupt Cops are not stupid enough to try their Criminal Libel schemes again. And they won’t go the Civil Court cos they’ll have to swear to Affidavit’s, opening themselves up to being examined under oath.

However, Corrupt Cops are not above aligning themselves with civilians, and getting them to go to the Civil Courts on their behalf. One such Individual is Esmahan Razavi, a founding member of the Ask Her Association Calgary.


George Orwell: ” All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. ” Calgary police are tyrannical.


” In Calgary there are No Angels (good cops) Just Devils (bad cops) ”
” 30 Easy Steps on How to Survive in DrumHeller Federal Penitentiary ”

The website links at the bottom left of this page, will introduce you to more of these co-conspirators, gang of cohorts, and the length of their crooked, corrupt and criminal reach. A reach that extends well into Alberta Justice, the Crown Prosecutors office, the RCMP, the Law Society of Alberta (the L.S.A.) and other such agencies, where ex-cops are hired and the old boys network flourishes.