Nobody trashes your name better than someone who’s afraid you’ll tell people the truth. And the Calgary Police and their cohorts are doing all the trashing they can, to suppress the truth from coming out.

Which is partly why, there’s a lot of misconceptions and lies out there. They can all be easily sorted, by contacting me directly or visiting my published websites. The contents of my websites pretty much explains a lot, and clears up a lot of their trash talk.

My name is John Ned Kelly and I’m a 65 year old Calgarian. Since the age of 45 (over 20 years) I’ve been systematically targeted by the very same people who took an oath to serve and protect us, the Calgary Police Service. My only crime, was in investigating and outing, corrupt cops, their cohorts and others.

What I found in the course of my investigations was shocking. The corruption and corrupt cops went far deeper and wider than just some cops covering up financial crimes within Calgary Soccer. If that wasn’t shocking enough, what was even more shocking was the sheer criminal lengths the police and their cohorts would end up going to, in their attempts to keep the crimes they’ve committed, and other crimes, covered up.

The Architects behind the crimes, and the Architects behind the corruption and cover ups, include senior cops, senior lawyers at City Hall, as well as the Crowns office and more. Individuals who took an oath. Individuals who were being paid (and still are) by the taxpayers to look out for them, not look out for themselves and their cohorts.

Also shocking to me, was uncovering the vast disinformation network they control. It gives them the ability to control outcomes of investigations against their members and others. They’ve used that ability to wrongfully convict and jail people, prevent corrupt cops and others being held to account. They have the ability to commit crimes with impunity, manipulate the justice system and more. Double Standards isn’t the half of it.

View drumhellerprison.ca – rottencops.net – Links Below.

They utilize words like Honor. Protect, Serve, Pride, Courage, Service, Respect, Community, Sacrifice, Vigilance. They roll these words out whenever needed. When the very sad truth, is, they disrespect each and every one of those words, every single day, every single day.

If that’s not Fuckery, then what is.

At the bottom of this page are eight (8) website links. Within the contents of each of those websites there is a running connection to each other. And that connection is fuckery, such fuckery utilized and employed and carried out, by the Calgary Police Service, its cohorts and others, on a daily basis.

My websites are continually updated: