In 2019, Mark Neufeld was appointed Chief of the Calgary police service, and in doing so, was the fifth police official in five years to take charge of the force.

In 2020, Chief Neufeld by his irrefutable acts and actions proved my innocence. He also, validated the contents, and veracity of my websites, my documents, and my publishing’s and materials, and all before the Calgary courts no less.

Yet in 2024 Chief Neufeld is still doing nothing to bring those criminals I have outed, and the ones still operating under his command, to Justice. He swore an oath to protect me and you, but Chief Neufeld would rather protect them.

Could these criminally minded Law Enforcement individuals, continue to get away with the sheer level of criminality described, without help or assistance from any of their like minded Cohorts – Absolutely Not.

There is No Statute of Limitations, going to jail is a reality for them. Apply the facts to the law, and jail is where they should be. So Why Aren’t They.

1. Simple, because between them all, they have the ability to control the outcomes of any and all investigations. Giving them the ability to prevent corrupt & crooked cops & others from being held to account. With the added ability to commit crimes with impunity, whilst very very easily manipulating the justice system, media & much much more.

With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

So if you accept the premise, that the documents, evidence and materials that I’ve disseminated are accurate. And if you accept that my websites publish the truth, then you also have to accept, that right now, there are criminal elements that are operating freely from within the Calgary Police Service, the R.C.M.P, Crown Prosecutors Office and their cohorts.

Licia Corbella Calgary Herald:
10 Published Statements on the Calgary police service:

1: Police code protecting bad officers must be broken and here’s how.

2: There are good and bad people in every organization — and there are many good police officers — but when there are bad people within a police service the potential harm to individuals and society is simply intolerable.

3: The time for police to hold all the power with the state backing them must end.

4: The time is also long past for true civilian oversight of the police. Police commissions have become little more than police fan clubs.

5: The idea that only police can investigate police following a serious incident is absurd. There are many people who are capable of conducting complex investigations.

6: It’s Prodaniuk’s hope that from now on, those who blow the whistle on discreditable conduct within any police service might actually prevent bad officers from continuing their careers rather than hinder the careers of those who complain, and that in turn might save the lives of people like Floyd

7: Police, by the very nature of the power vested in each member — not just by the firepower they carry on their hip but through their right to use it — should be held to a higher standard of accountability than the average citizen. Instead, as history shows, they are held to a much lower standard than the rest of society. They remain virtually unaccountable, and that must end.

8: A much better job of weeding out recruits is essential if policing is to improve. Those who want to become police officers to wield power over others — rather than to serve and protect — need to be identified and removed from consideration.

9: Were it not for how ubiquitous cameras and video have become as a result of the near universality of smartphones, lies that have protected police from their own acts of brutality, baseness and discreditable conduct are no longer believed.

10: It’s time to break the code.