1. The criminal charges they convicted me on in the April of 2013, were the same three bogus criminal charges thrown out by a judge in Provincial Court Calgary on the 18th Day of November 2010.

Provincial court tossed the charges because neither the Calgary Police, the RCMP or the Crown could produce any evidence to the Judge to sustain those charges. So they left the Provincial court, strolled over to the Court of Queens Bench, changed the dates on the three bogus charges and re-laid them.

2. In 2012, the Justice at the Court of Queens’s Bench Calgary trial, wouldn’t let me bring into evidence, damning transcripts of the interviews of the two Calgary senior police Detectives (who were partners) involved in the bogus charges thrown out of Provincial Court in the November of 2010.

A ninety six page transcript of RCMP Sgt Bartley and Cpl Mitchell interviewing senior Calgary police Detective Reid Mercer. And A thirty six page transcript of the interview of one senior Calgary police Detective Spencer Frizzell. Those interviews held at Calgary police H.Q. on the 20th day of April 2010.

Within those transcripts is irrefutable proof that the charges they were to lay against me five months later, were bogus, fabricated, made up & they knew it.

Below is an excerpt from the interview of one Detective Reid Mercer, who was being questioned by one Sgt Murray Ross Bartley and one Cpl Gary Mitchell of RCMP Major Crimes Unit Lethbridge. The interview was held on the 20th April 2010. Five months before they filed bogus criminal charges at Provincial Court.


MERCER: I, I think I just have to clarify something. I haven’t had no contact with Mr. KELLY since probably February, February 26th, 2003.


MERCER: Other than the hearings I presented myself so it’s…


MERCER: …been almost six years since I’ve had any contact with him.

BARTLEY: Alright.

MERCER: That’s why it was such a shock when he came up in the homicide investigation.

MITCHELL: February 26th, 2003?



BARTLEY: I’m glad you told me about the fact that you haven’t had any correspondence with him since 2003 uh, or in, and I don’t mean correspondence, but you’ve never spoken to him since, so..

MERCER: Yes in any, in any type or form, whether it’s verbal, e-mail, telephone, nothing, zero.

(A) Those are Calgary Detective, Reid Mercers, own words:
(B) Heard by both Sgt Bartley and Cpl Mitchell of the RCMP:
(C) Mercers own words. No criminal harassment No threatening conduct:
(D) Mercers own words. No Obstruction:

(E) Yet they still filed charges at Provincial Court:
(F) Knowing the charges they were laying, were made up, fabricated:
(G) Knowing the charges were bogus:
(H) Knowing they were committing criminal acts:

(I) When the charges were thrown out of Provincial Court:
(J) They refiled them at Court of Queens Bench:
(K) Continuing their criminal conspiracy and committing more crimes:
(L) Driving a Double Decker Bus through the Justice system:
(M) Driving that same bus through the Charter of Rights & Freedoms:
(N) The transcripts and other damning evidence – not allowed at trial:

The Cover-Ups continued with even more criminal conduct. All committed to prevent you discovering the truth about their serious criminal misconduct.

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