THE COMPLAINT PROCESS: against Calgary Police Service members, can at any one time, involve one or all of these 1-4 Law Enforcement organizations. If even one of those organizations is corrupted, it’s bad enough. But when over time they’ve all been corrupted, then you have yourself a police state, where the rule of law does not apply to the ones that are supposed to protect us.

1. the Professional Standards Sections (PSS). (corrupted)
2. the Chiefs Office of the Calgary Police Service (CPS). (corrupted)
3. the Calgary Police Commission (CPC). (corrupted)
4. the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta (LERB). (corrupted)

CORRUPTED: The present day Law Enforcement Review Board and Calgary Police Commission, have in their possession, irrefutable proof/evidence, that for the last decade and more, the police complaint process was abused, that crimes were and are, being willfully committed by past and present members of 1-4 and that grave miscarriages of justice have and are, still happening.

They are also fully aware, that in Canada, there are no Statute of Limitations on criminal offences. It doesn’t matter if the crime was 15 days ago or 15 years ago, you can still be held accountable under the law.

Below A-B are extracts taken from an e-mail received from the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta, on the 15th Day of March 2024.

A: ” The board is in receipt of your email regarding historical board decisions. The board will not remove or change a decision “.
B: ” Your matter before the board was concluded over a decade ago. As such, the board will take no further action.”

What their really saying, is that the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta will ignore any evidence of criminal acts, having and being committed, by 1-4. They’ll get an automatic LERB Free Pass and no further action will be taken.

Crooked Cops = LERB Free Pass:
Crooked Chiefs = LERB Free Pass:
Crooked Police Commission = LERB Free Pass:
Crooked Cohorts = LERB Free Pass:

Much more coming soon.

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