DR. GRAHAM ROSS: Psychiatrist and Psychologist:

1. Dr. Ross has been in practice for 30 years. My first interaction with Dr. Ross was in Drumheller prison on the 24th Day of July 2014. Ross was contracted out to conduct psychiatric assessments and reports on Inmates on behalf of Canada Service Corrections.

2. The bogus charge of criminal harassment led to a conviction of 24 months.

3. The first time around they stated that I used threatening conduct towards Reid Mercer a senior Calgary police detective. Doing so between 2001 and 2010, and in all that time, Mercer was in fear of his safety. That charge was tossed by the Provincial court, when they could not provide the court with any evidence to back it up.

The second time around, they refiled at the Court of Queen’s Bench stating it was now communicating directly or indirectly with detective Reid Mercer, no more threatening conduct, but Mercer still feared for his safety. And this time around they claimed the dates were now between 2003 to 2010.

4. I had previously been assessed by one of Dr Ross’s employees (Aaryn Viczko) the month previously, and Dr. Ross attended at the prison on my request, to discuss that assessment and various sections of that report.

5. In that meeting with Dr. Ross, we spoke at great length about my conviction for what they stated was criminal harassment of a senior Detective over an eight year period. Dr. Ross gave an assessment of that conviction and freely admitted in that meeting.

6. That he found it hard to believe, that a senior police Detective, or anyone for that matter, who was truly fearful for their safety and the safety of their family, would have sat back and done absolutely nothing for eight (2003-2010) years. And he found it hard to believe that the senior detective in all that time…

(a) Never applied for any restraining orders.
(b) Never applied for a no contact order.
(c) Never applied for any emergency protection orders.
(d) Never applied for any injunctions.
(e) Never applied any security measures.
(f) Never filed any police complaints.
(g) Never filed anything at Civil or other courts.

7. Dr. Ross stated that if a person was truly fearful for their safety, and the safety of their family, they would have done all of the above (a) to (g) and much more.

8. I’ve spoken to Dr. Ross numerous times since my prison warrant expired on the 29th Day of May 2016. Dr. Ross is aware there are no restrictions against me. This senior Detective who was responsible for me spending 2 years in prison, also knows that there are no restrictions against me, and yet he has still never applied for any of the above in (a) to (g).

9. Dr. Ross is also aware that this senior Detective did not appear at, or write any letters to the Parole Board of Canada, asking them to deny me parole.

10. Dr. Ross concurred that throughout this entire process, this is not the actions of a man who’s ever been fearful for himself, or that of his family, at all.

11. The truth is that this senior Detective did not file or swear to any police complaint against me, ever. There is no signed sworn police statement from that senior detective, or anyone else, regarding this criminal harassment charge.

12. The brutal truth is that the criminal harassment charge originated from the person who directed and also orchestrated the entire malicious and vindictive campaign against me, beginning in the March of 2010. That person was ex Chief of the Calgary Police Service, Rick Hansen and those who blindly and willfully followed his directions.

(13) It was Ex Chief Rick Hanson who directed K Division of the R.C.M.P. to come after me, and to get me by any means possible. It was Sgt Bartley of K Division who contacted that senior Detective and other members within the Calgary Police Service. They only contacted those they knew would participate and assist in the corrupt and criminal acts, that they had, and were about to commit.

Much Much more to follow: