I placed my trust in the Calgary Police Service (CPS). But they lied when they promised that they would do the job they were paid to do. And they lied when they promised they’d do what was right. They lied again when they promised to uphold the law and the oath they swore to.

Those promises were nothing more than empty lies, empty worthless empty words. Instead of doing what was right they did what was criminally wrong. Instead of upholding the law they repeatedly broke it, then they lied some more and broke a whole lot more laws.

Then all they had, were more lies and coverups, followed by more lies, leading to more coverups and more lies. Lies will not fit facts. Lies will only fit other lies made for that purpose. The life of any lie is just a matter of time, and their time is all but up.

TO DATE: The contents of my websites and the documents and materials that I have disseminated, remain Unchallenged Undisputed not Questioned. They have been Accepted as the Truth, as that’s what they contain, the Truth.

With all things being equal, the simplest explanation tends to be the right one.

Accepting that premise, that the documents, evidence and materials that I’ve disseminated are accurate. And accepting that my websites publish the truth, then you have to accept, that right now, there are criminal elements that are operating freely from within the Calgary Police Service, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, Special Crown Prosecutors Office and even Alberta Justice.

INFERENCE: Conclusion Reached by Sound Evidence & Sound Reasoning:

After reviewing those documents and materials, the only conclusion that can reasonably be reached is that, there is more than enough evidence to Convict the Corrupt Calgary Cops, and their Cohorts, especially specifically the RCMP.

Let’s make no mistakes here, these Corrupt Calgary Cops and their cohorts are fighting tooth and nail to stop any investigation from being conducted. They know they’ve committed multiple criminal acts, and they know, that there’s no statute of limitations. Read Page Titled Cop Crimes.

The Cops play dirty, and they will continue to play dirty. They are naught but criminals masquerading as cops, proven liars – perjurers, proven destroyers of evidence, if they are the ones supposedly policing society who’s policing them.

No matter how much Mis-Disinformation they continue to pump out, their deceit, lies and criminal wrongdoings are still being exposed, one at a time. There is no such thing as having too much evidence, and especially when that evidence being provided, is so overwhelmingly overwhelming, against Corrupt Calgary Cops and their Cohorts.

What you read on my websites should shock you. Every right minded thinking individual should be appalled, gobsmacked and utterly astonished that Calgary Cops and their Cohorts have such free rein to commit unconscionable criminal acts. Doing so without one seconds thought of the damage and the many many victims they leave in their wake. Even more so when you realize these Corrupt Cops and their Cohorts, know full well, when committing these criminal acts, that they are probably (99%) going to get away with it.

FACT: Both sides of a contradiction cannot possibly be true. As one side is either mistaken, misled or outright lying. Because a lie won’t fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose. The life span of any lie, is just a question of time. And their time is all but up.

The information contained on this and those website links found bottom left of this page, will introduce you to more crooked, corrupt, criminal reaches.

That reach is far and wide, courtesy of the “Good Old Boys Cop Network” that extends well into other Law Enforcement agencies in Alberta, Canada Justice courtesy of Drumheller Federal Prison and their network, Crown Prosecutors office, the RCMP, the Law Society of Alberta and many Government agencies where ex-cops get hired, others move up the ladder and the chain of command, ensuring that the reach of the “Good Old Boys Cop Network” flourishes.

PAGE TITLED – COP CRIMES: Just some of the serious crimes that have been committed and are still being committed. The vast supporting evidence is not only irrefutable, it’s extremely damning, and shows them for what they truly are, just your every day common criminals.

Ghosting & Coverups what CPS-RCMP do best – Decades of Experience: