It all began when Calgary Alderman Ray Jones invited me down to his office at Calgary City Hall. Ray sat me down and outlined what he wanted me to do. He wanted me to conduct an investigation into what he stated was extensive and ongoing corruption within the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF). Which was at the time comprised of Mens soccer, Womens soccer and Minor soccer, who together also owned & operated & controlled the Calgary soccer centre.

What I couldn’t have foreseen then, was where that investigation, would lead.

The ongoing and extensive corruption within the Calgary Soccer Federation was straight forward enough. That was until the cover ups started at City Hall. Then matters got even more messy when the cover ups started at the Calgary Police Service and then the cover ups just snowballed and snowballed. And still continue to snowball to this day.

When they were contacted about the contents of my websites, they’d openly lie, stating that ” the contents of Kelly’s websites were all investigated and we found nothing wrong “. Their downside was that once they started telling lies, they had to tell more lies. Then to cover up the lies they told, they then had to manufacture, fabricate and make up documents, witness statements and other files, to support those lies.

When their cover ups began to disintegrate the Calgary Police co-opted the RCMP Major Crimes Division and the Crown prosecutors office to assist them. Between them they filed over thirty four (34) bogus criminal charges against me over a set period of time. Whenever bogus charges were thrown out by the courts, they would file more. They were ultimately successful in convicting me on three (3) of those bogus charges. I was sentenced in 2013 to Thirty (30) Months in the Drumheller Federal Prison.

It can now be proven that the three (3) convictions they gained against me, which resulted in a 30 month sentence and spending 2 years of that sentence in Drumheller Federal Prison, were gained unlawfully. View related websites Links below:

TRUE – RIGHT NOW as you’re reading this, the Chief of the Calgary Police Service Mark Neufeld and other senior officers under his command, are still continuing the lies and cover ups. In their attempts they have committed even more corrupt crooked and criminal enterprises and endeavors. All of those acts are punishable under the Alberta Police Act and Criminal Code of Canada.

There are others that operate within the Justice system in Alberta, working closely and co-operating fully with the Calgary Calgary Police network, as there are those who have and who are still greatly benefitting from the cover ups and the corrupt crooked and criminal acts.

There have been many many victims. Some have suffered greatly, and some are still suffering today. What’s published here, and what is published on the related websites links attached below, is the truth.

In these entire matters, the Calgary Police and their cohorts, have only one safety net. That safety net is predicated on them getting anyone and everyone to believe their lies. That John Ned Kelly is not to be believed. That everything that I’ve published is not true. When the reality is that it’s all true.

A message for Chief Neufeld of the Calgary Police Service, here is a quote by Astronomer Carl Sagan, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence” I have that evidence, and so do you. I choose to publish the truth, you choose to continue to try to hide it.

Another message for Chief Neufeld: The difference between allegations and facts are proof. Because a lie will not fit a fact, a lie will only fit another lie made for that purpose, the life of a lie is just a question of time. And your time is all but up.

As always, I hereby openly challenge all those individuals and organizations being profiled, on these sites, to publicly deny what’s stated, and to provide evidence to the contrary. To date they’ve failed to do so. More to follow

HYPOCRITES: Calgary Cops utilize words like Honor. Protect, Serve, Courage, Service, Respect, Community, Sacrifice, Vigilance and Pride. These words roll off their tongues whenever needed.

When the very, very sad truth is this… they disrespect each and every one of those words, every single day, every single day.