PDF stands for Portable Document Folder: Greg McLean who is my member of Parliament for Calgary Center, has in his possession, over 140+ PDFS of the over 700+ PDFS containing irrefutable evidence, proving that the RCMP at the direction of the Calgary Police Service targeted me in a vicious, very malicious, sustained, unlawful premeditated campaign. Such campaign that resulted in their desired effect, of having me wrongfully convicted and imprisoned.

Many of the documents, materials, e-mails, correspondences, tape recordings, correspondences, memos and notes and transcripts and more, in mine and others possessions, are their own words, and their own words damn them.

The Public Safety Minister for Alberta is Mike Ellis an Ex Calgary cop. Ellis was also given the added position of Deputy Premier after the May 29th election. Ellis has the same materials and 140+ PDFS that Greg McLean my member (See page titled MP) of Parliament has. Ellis has been ghosting me for months.

Another cover up you say, don’t bet against it.

Those documents, materials, e-mails, correspondences and more, clearly show, that senior members of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) a Federal agency, duly conspired with members of Corrections Service of Canada (CSC) another Federal agency, senior members of the Calgary Police Service (CPS) and other Law Enforcement agencies.

Those PDF‘s contain evidence that search and seizure warrants were illegally obtained as were Orders obtained from the Courts by the criminal acts of the RCMP and Special Crown Prosecutors.

McLean has PDF‘s clearly showing how these same Law Enforcement agencies, committed and are still committing multiple criminal offences, all punishable under the Criminal Code of Canada.

McLean has a PDF that contains over Four Hundred and Thirty (430) pages. That PDF was obtained from the City of Calgary Corporate Security Dept, under a Freedom of Information Request.

McLean has a PDF that contains a One Hundred and Sixty one (161) page document that was filed at the Provincial Criminal Courthouse in Calgary. That document detailed how the criminal charges the RCMP had laid, were bogus. Shortly after that document was filed at the Courts, it was illegally removed by Alberta Special Crown Prosecutor Karen Hewitt, formerly a sitting Judge on the Provincial Court.

Some PDF‘s contain more than one corroborating document, or evidentiary materials, such evidence which backs up the statements that are published on my websites, evidence which Greg McLean finds to be compelling.