MAY 2024: Opening the Huge Can of Worms that is the Calgary Police Service and it’s Cohorts, exposes matters which are very unpleasant, very ugly, very dark & toxic, Cops and Cohorts involved in corruption & crooked & criminal acts, with far reaching consequences.

Many individuals from ex Calgary Police Inspector and MLA Harvey Cenaiko in 2001 all the way through to Shawn Cornett the current Chair of the Calgary Police Commission has promised to deal with this specific Can of Worms.

However, as soon as they get a little peek inside they slam the lid shut. The problem with doing that, is that the Can of Worms gets ever ever larger.

Angela Whitney has seen inside that Can of Worms. What Angela Whitney saw has changed her forever. Others have seen or know what is inside that Can of Worms, and they want no part in opening it up.

The result of their inaction, many more victims… MUCH MORE COMING:

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