As stated on the Home Page, the Calgary Police and the RCMP are engaged in the mother of all coverups, that has very serious implications regarding their criminal conduct on the wrongful arrest, wrongful conviction and wrongful imprisonment of John (ME) Kelly. Which involves them fabricating sworn Affidavits, to gain illegal search and seizure warrants, bogus arrest warrants and bogus criminal charges.

Then executing those bogus documents, when they attended at my residence, then arresting and detaining me, then after taking me away, illegally seizing from my residence, boxes and boxes, hundreds and hundreds of documents and materials, which were then destroyed within days of their removal.


AUG/SEPT 2010 they present the bogus Affidavits, warrants and charges.

16th SEPTEMBER 2010 they attend at my residence, conduct an illegal seize and seizure, and remove my documents and materials, whilst also arresting me on seven bogus criminal charges.

18th NOVEMBER 2010 the bogus criminal charges are thrown out by the Court. They immediately go into overdrive by charging me with another 28 plus bogus criminal charges in the following months.

SEPTEMBER 2012 They end up taking me to trial on ten of those bogus charges and I was found not guilty on seven of those bogus charges, but they managed to get me wrongfully convicted on three of them.

AT TRIAL the primary investigator Sgt Bartley and RCMP constable Acourt both testified under oath that they did indeed seize and remove hundreds and hundreds boxes and boxes of documents and materials from my residence. Cst Acourt also testified that Sgt Bartley had taken custody of them.

When Sgt Bartley was having great difficulty on the stand, remembering where the documents and materials were, and were was the RCMP chain of custody for those documents and materials, the Judge shut me down. I was told I would get all of the documents and the materials the RCMP seized when the court process was over.

29th NOVEMBER 2013 The Judge sentences me to 30 months on three counts. And I was whisked right away to the remand center and then from there to Drumheller Prison.

From December 2013 onward whilst in custody, I kept requesting from the RCMP that they return the seized documents and materials to me as I needed them for my appeal. The RCMP told me the Calgary Police had them, the Calgary police said the Crown had them, and all 3 pointed the finger at the others.

They were giving me the royal run around so I engaged several lawyers in 2017 to get the return of my documents and materials. What follows is their statements to my Lawyer.

STATEMENT BY CHIEF ROGER CHAFFIN CPS: As the investigation to which you refer was conducted by the RCMP, the seizure, processing and storage of any evidence in that investigation was conducted solely under RCMP jurisdiction. On that basis I can assure you the Calgary Police Service neither requested, obtained nor stored any of the seized documents your letter states.

STATEMENT BY INSPECTOR PETER ORMSHAW RCMP: It was determined that following the disposition of the court matter all remaining exhibits under the control of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, seized from Mr. Kelly, were returned to your client.

MY LAWYERS RESPONSE TO INSPECTOR PETER ORMSHAW RCMP: Regarding your statement ” It was also determined that following the disposition of the court matter all remaining exhibits under the control of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, seized from Mr. Kelly, were returned to your client “. Please provide the individuals name and ranks who made that determination. Using your timeline, those documents and materials would have been returned after the 29th November 2013 when Mr. Kelly was sent to Drumheller prison for 30 months.

STATEMENT BY ACTING RCMP COMMISSIONER MARLIN DEGRAND: In relation to ” RCMP officers in charge of the seizure stating there were boxes upon boxes, hundreds upon hundreds of documents”; many documents were viewed at the residence of Mr. Kelly’s on the day of September 16th 2010 but not all were seized. Those seized have been returned to Mr. Kelly or are still held by the court.

THOSE ARE COVER-UP STATEMENTS BY MARLIN DEGRAND: He still doesn’t answer to where the documents and materials are that were seized from my residence. The Court does not have the documents and materials. The Calgary Police Service does not have the documents and materials. The RCMP evidence locker controller both in Calgary and Lethbridge have no records of any documents or materials being deposited with them, ever.

Marlin Degrand Acting Commissioner of the RCMP still cannot provide any dates, or the names of any of his officers who Degrand is stating, returned all of those boxes upon boxes, hundreds upon hundreds of documents and materials to me, after the court process was over. STAY TUNED…

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