These are the Units within Law Enforcement in Calgary, that are supposed to catch, expose, root and weed out, crooked and corrupt cops, not protect them.

1. the Professional Standards Sections (PSS). (corrupted)
2. the Chiefs Office of the Calgary Police Service (CPS). (corrupted)
3. the Calgary Police Commission (CPC). (corrupted)
4. the Law Enforcement Review Board of Alberta (LERB). (corrupted)
5. the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP). (corrupted)

Defence Lawyers are paid to defend crooked and corrupt cops, either before the court, or within disciplinary hearings, even before the Law Enforcement Review Board. Defence Lawyers are not supposed to help them cover up their crimes by committing crimes themselves, but some do.

There are many ROTTENAPPLES operating within those units, and these are the ROTTENAPPLES that will be exposed on this and other websites.

PRIME EXAMPLE: Joel Matthews was in the Professional Standards Section of the Calgary Police Service. Joel was one of the cops tasked to investigate and root out corrupt crooked cops and their cohorts. Unfortunately Matthews was also a rotten cop and one of a lot of very rotten apples operating freely within the Calgary Police Service and the Professional Standards Section and the Chiefs Office.

JOEL MATTHEWS E-MAIL TO HIS SUPERIORS: ” Hello folks’ Noticing that Mr. Kelly is again gaining steam with his crusade, I would suggest we go back to the strategy of having just one contact (me) as it seemed to be effective in cooling him off. He doesn’t like dealing with a flunkey (me) and a lackey (me)……. The less encouragement we give him the less adamant he becomes. I seem to be somewhat effective at not providing encouragement and he seemed to be frustrate with me. Just my thoughts. Faithfully your servant, Joel. ”

Joel Matthews is now a Superintendent in the Calgary Police Service. No doubt still being a faithful servant to his superiors in continuing to cover up, for very Corrupt Crooked Calgary Cops & Their Cohorts.

If you want to succeed in the Calgary Police Service, start by becoming a rotten cop and a very rotten apple. Your enhanced training then begins as a member of the Professional Standards Section. Your advanced training will then take you into the ranks of Superintendent and Deputy Chief.

Joe Brar another rotten cop and very rotten apple, also had his enhanced training in Professional Standards Section and is now a Superintendent/Deputy Chief.

We have Cliff O’Brien enhanced training in Professional Standards and yet again, another rotten cop and very rotten apple, now a Superintendent/Deputy Chief.

One Day, Joel Matthews, Joe Brar or even Cliff O’Brien could be the next Chief of the Calgary Police Service. Coz once you get on that promotion train called the Corrupt Crooked Calgary Cops & Their Cohorts you’re on the inside track.

Much more coming soon.

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