STITCHED UP: Stitching someone up, is framing them for something they didn’t do. To do that to someone, requires a very low set of morals and ethics. You have to be, very devious, underhanded, sly, deceitful, malicious, conniving cunning individuals. Be consummate liars with the mindset of true criminals.

To stitch someone up whilst you’re a lowly serving police officer, well that’s something. But stitching someone up when you’re the Calgary Police Chief, whilst recruiting like minded individuals from RCMP Major Crimes Division and Crown prosecutors office to back you up. Now that, takes a special kind of RottenCop.


Some are afraid of going to jail, and rightly so. They know that the documents and materials in my possession, and what I publish, is enough to do that. If the police were not policing themselves (aided by others) then that’s exactly where some of them would be.

Others are afraid of you discovering that Cop Corruption is far deeper than just covering up substantial financial crimes committed within the Calgary Soccer Federation (the CSF).

All of them are afraid of you learning about the sheer, sheer criminal lengths, that Calgary Cops and their cohorts go to, in their (still ongoing) attempts to not be prosecuted for the crimes they & others have committed.


The Architects behind the crimes, and the Architects behind the corruption and cover ups, include senior cops, senior lawyers at City Hall, as well as the Crowns office and more. Individuals who took an oath. Individuals who were being paid (and still are) by the taxpayers to look out for them, not look out for themselves and their cohorts.

Also shocking to me, and should be shocking to you, was uncovering the size of the vast disinformation network they control. It gives them the ability to control outcomes of investigations against their members and others. They’ve used that ability to wrongfully convict and jail people, prevent corrupt cops and others being held to account. They have the ability to commit crimes with impunity, manipulate the justice system and more. Double Standards isn’t the half of it.

MALICIOUS PROSECUTION: Wrongful institution of criminal proceedings against someone without reasonable grounds. Malice for an improper purpose.

The very definition of Malicious Prosecution 1-9:

1. The RCMP and Calgary cops with the help of Crown prosecutors charged me with 4 counts of Criminal Libel regarding what was published on my website.

2. Calgary Police Chief Hanson along with Supt McGinnis of the RCMP, then held press conferences, sent press releases, informed both National and Local media that they had completed an extensive investigation before laying those Criminal Libel charges against Kelly, with the Courts.

3. The Media published everything they were told, without corroboration.

4. Just seven weeks later a Calgary Judge directed that these corrupt Cops and Crown prosecutors bring to the Court their evidence of Criminal Libel.

5. You’d expect after their extensive police investigation and the Crowns approval, they’d have lots of evidence. Yet no evidence of Criminal Libel was ever provided. They never had any evidence. They knowingly Manufactured and Fabricated the charges against me. All of their Bogus Criminal Libel charges were thrown out.


6. They said it was extensive, well it can’t have been extensive as they had no evidence. So they get to knowingly outright lie to the media and the Courts. They got to willfully file even more bogus charges. Which are themselves crimes under the Criminal Code of Canada.

7. What they did to me is the very definition of Malicious Prosecution.

8. Further, there have been no Libel actions Civil or Criminal filed with the Courts since. That’s Irrefutable Tacit Admission that I was publishing the truth then, and I am publishing the truth now.

9. Yet not one of them has ever been charged or held to account. And now they all want the truth to stay well hidden, because the truth is not their friend, the truth is their enemy.