Law abiding people believe in the truth and the rule of law. Cops in Calgary, believe they’re above the law, and that the truth is exactly what they say it is.

Only in Calgary, do Cops treat you as their enemy, for informing them about the crooked and Corrupt Cops that are operating freely within their ranks.

The Corrupt Cops that are profiled on my websites all chose to break the law. Other Corrupt Cops are choosing to break the law right now. Corrupt Cops can try and twist whatever they want, but they can’t twist the truth. No matter how hard these Corrupt Cops try, the truth will always be their Enemy.

I swear to God, if we were talking about career criminals instead of cops, they would classify what I’ve published as organized crime individuals operating ongoing criminal enterprises. That statement describes exactly what these Corrupt Cops are engaged in.

Obstructing Justice.
Filing False Affidavits or False Materials with the Courts.
Lying to the Court.
Committing Criminal Conspiracy.
Illegally gaining search warrants.
Illegally gaining Seizure Warrants.
Destroying Evidence.
Filing Bogus Charges.
Filing Bogus Reports.
Counselling individuals to Commit Crimes.
Manipulating Investigations.
Fabricating Documents.
Committing Perjury.
Betraying their Oath.
Or Lying to the Media… Yet they are

Throughout my sites you can read about the old boys network and how the police have ” Good Old Boys ” in virtually every facet of the Justice system in Alberta, and related organizations. You will find it entrenched between the RCMP and the Calgary police service.


1: Marlin DeGrand, is currently employed in a senior position in the Alberta Government as Assistant Deputy to the Minister of Public Security. Prior to that, he was a senior Alberta RCMP officer. In fact he was the A/Commissioner “K” Division Criminal Operations Officer. Whilst in that position he assisted in covering up criminal acts committed by other past/present RCMP and Calgary police officers. Thereby committing criminal acts himself.

2: Constable Kyle Churhill works in the Serious Crimes Branch of the RCMP stationed at the Airdrie detachment. Churchill knows full well that criminal acts have been committed by Marlin DeGrand. Cst Churchill is refusing to act. Thereby also committing criminal acts himself.


Good Cops know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, and they choose to do what’s good. Bad Cops also know the difference between what’s right and what’s wrong, but they choose to do what’s bad. The bad Cops profiled on my websites, are very bad Cops.

CALGARY COPS ARE HYPOCRITES: They utilize words like Honor. Protect, Serve, Courage, Service, Respect, Community, Sacrifice, Vigilance and Pride. These words roll off their tongues whenever needed. But the sad truth is, they Shame each and every one of those words, every single day.

GEORGE ORWELL: ” All tyrannies rule through fraud and force, but once the fraud is exposed they must rely exclusively on force. ” Calgary has a tyrannical police force.

The website links at the bottom left of this page, will introduce you to more of these co-conspirators, gang of cohorts, and the length of their crooked, corrupt and criminal reach. A reach that extends well into Alberta Justice, the Crown Prosecutors office, the RCMP, the Law Society of Alberta (the L.S.A.) and other such agencies, where ex-cops are hired and the old boys network flourishes.